Don Mihalik

Donald Mihalik is a real estate expert who has been in the business through good times and bad, including some of the worst downturns ever seen. He would definitely be a member of that club. Mihalik has been in real estate for so long that he can say with confidence that he has been there for at least three major economic cycles. Most agents don't even make it through one and then quit when things get tough and there aren't as many opportunities on the market. Instead, Mihalik's ability to keep going has given him the enviable chance to be able to see far into the future. He can compare the current situation to what he has seen before, so he has a better idea of what to expect when things change.

Mihalik is currently a Realtor selling agent for the Lakewood Ranch Communities area. He meets potential new homebuyers and shows them the different options and homes for sale in the area. He also helps them find the best choices for their needs based on what the local market has to offer right now. But that wasn't the first time Donald Mihalik bought a house. He has been in the business for a long time, even during the worst of the recession when most people were trying to sell their homes before they were taken over by the bank.

Mihalik started his career training at a community college, like a lot of people his age. He went to Brookdale Community College and got an associate degree in 1992. Mihalik was then able to move on to Rowan University and get a bachelor's degree in science to finish his four years of college. Donald Mihalik would go back to school and get more training later, but at this point he was ready to get a real job and start living in the real world.

In the beginning of the 1990s, Mihalik saw a lot more action in the lending and financing side of things than in real estate. When he worked for AVP Associates Financial, he managed ongoing financial accounts that, in some cases, were worth more than $70 million a year. Then, after four years, in the spring of 1998, Mihalik moved on and became the President of American Dream Financial. As a key leader, Donald Mihalik was in charge of at least $1.1 billion in consumer sales. He also worked proactively with operations and sales to improve performance and growth, and he had to adjust to monthly trend watches to see how mortgage lending behavior was changing.

But by the end of 2013, Donald Mihalik was moving toward real estate sales instead of just corporate or personal finance. Mihalik still liked the finance side of things, but it was clear that he was leaning toward the field, where he could sell things instead of just manage accounts for borrowing. He got a job with Movement Mortgage and learned all the important ways to finance real estate. By doing this, Mihalik not only became the go-to person for his company in webinars and seminars, but he also used consumer education campaigns to grow his market share.

Donald Mihalik decided it was time to work on himself because he was getting more and more interested in real estate itself, not just the money side. He wanted to get a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and they let him. Mihalik benefited from the change. He got into the real estate business just as it was starting to pick up again across the country. Markets that had been struggling with underwater mortgages and foreclosures for a few years were now booming.

Mihalik used his training to get a job as a representative for Lakewood Ranch Communities. This job lasted for a few years after he finished his graduate studies and went back to work in the real estate market and industry full-time. But in September 2019, Mihalik decided he needed another change, so he went to work for NHC, Kolter Homes, LLC. In his current job, Donald Mihalik worked right next to customers and helped them find information, make decisions, and eventually buy a new home. Mihalik has been so good at his job that he won the NCH of the Year award in both 2020 and 2021. In 2020, he also won the NHC of the Year Customer Satisfaction award.

Mihalik is active in the Florida real estate market because the real estate market is still going down and investors are looking for new ways to make up for the systematic erosion of inflation that is happening all over the U.S. Mihalik has seen firsthand how real estate is still a good way to protect against uncertain times. This is why Donald Mihalik still thinks his future is tied to the real estate business and environment, especially in Florida.